maandag, april 10, 2006

Brake system part 1

To stop the car i'm gonna need a good braking system, i already had big vented disks in front from a Volvo 850, and for the rear i have veted disks from a mondeo ST200, i just needed a good master cilinder, after i talked to my friend CapriV8driver, i decided to build a complete ABS system of a Ford Scorpio in my Taunus, it has an electric brakebooster so i don't need vacuum to help me braking it goes completly electronicly controlled.

I just had to make some adjustments to the bodywork, i cutted the original bodywork away and made a custom piece were i could bolt the ABS unit on. I just had some clearence problems and i had to move the unit a bit higher than the original master cilinder.

After i dubble checked the position and cleareneces i welded the custom plate in place

No i could bolt the unit in place i all looks ok and it doesn't touch the body work anywere.Now it was time to fit (read: make) the pedalbox.


Anonymous Thomas Kerts said...

fantastisch werk..Ik wil zelf een electrische remcilinder monteren in mn Capri..enige tips voor de kabeltjes aan t esluiten? :)

donderdag, november 03, 2016 7:50:00 p.m.  

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